Special Security Services Group Inc is one of the leaders in the training and development programs in our industry .We invest in training in order that our people possess the knowledge and skills to perform consistently to the standards and expectations of our clients and our own high standards.

Our customers can rely on our guards to be knowledgeable and to act immediately, safely and wisely in the course of regular duties as well as during emergencies. At present our, our security guards, after their initial screening and licensing, participate in our two-day In-house training program and obtain their fi rst aid and CPR certifi cates, followed by 16- 24 hours of on site training with a site supervisor and experienced senior security guard. Based on or selected service program S.S.G offers a wide variety of additional advanced training programs.

S.S.G has a state of the art training facility equipped fi re panel, CCTV equipment, and access control systems. Our guards are trained hand-on before even stepping foot at our clients door to begin further on-site training. This is another reason why S.S.G is an upcoming leader in our industry.

The following sections contain an overview of the various training programs we can provide. The courses are taught by our experienced and qualifi ed In-house trainer and members of our Human Resources Team, or in some instances though The Protection Guard Training or other outside professional trainers. Certifi cates are issued to our guards upon successful completion of each course.

At S.S.G, training in an on-going process; we are constantly upgrading our courses, and instructing both new and existing guards on a regular basis. This gives us the advantage of being prepared for the ever changing security environment.