Special Security Services Group Inc takes great pride in providing excellent services to our clients. In order to exceed their expectations our Security Guards are informed and trained in all aspects of their Job duties. Special Security Services Group Inc makes Communities Safe, Comfortable and happy in every environment.

Special Security Services Group Inc has interrogated the CAPRA Model. The CAPRA Model was developed and used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police since 1985, CAPRA is a problem-solving model that has been adopted by several police organizations. Special Security Services Group Inc applies this model to every aspect of its organization. Special Security Services Group Inc is the only Security Service Provider that has taken this holistic approach to the problem solving and Security.

  1. Clients
  2. Acquire/Analyze Information
  3. Partnerships
  4. Response
  5. Assessment

Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to provide quality security services to our clients with safety and security is our priority. We supply the growing demand of security in residential and commercial buildings, and any other areas that needs policing.

Company Focus

Our primary focus is prevention and safety; focused on avoiding altercations, recognizing the symptoms of incidents, ethics, professionalism, communications skills, understanding behavior and dealing with situations.