Are you looking for someone to serve and protect what’s valuable to you? With better guards, more service, and total protection, Special Security Services Group is here to provide high-quality, professionally trained security guards, ready and alert for any situation.


Our guards will always show up to work on time and will never leave a post unattended.


Our guards will be trained and held up to the highest professional standards.

Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to provide quality security services to our clients with safety and security is our priority. We supply the growing demand of security in residential and commercial buildings, and any other areas that needs policing.

Cost Effective

As a small company, we will be able to offer competitive prices, with low overhead expenses.

Full Security Program

We will provide a full program to secure buildings, parking lots, main entrances, gates and any other private property using patrol cars where needed.

Peace of mind

Most associations or management companies need to trust one company to handle all aspects of security.